The Frugal Innovation Network was founded by the Team of Prof. Gassman at the Institute of Technology Managment at the University of St. Gallen and the BGW AG in 2017 after more then 8 year of research activities in this field. It is our intention to bring together all relevant individuals, stakeholders and organizations in the field of Frugal Innovation to build a global knowledge community. In this context we will continue to explore Frugal Innovation in the context of strategic business development and innovation management, both from an academic and a practitioner’s perspective.

Activities of the Frugal Innovaiton Network will be derived towards: 

1. Awarness raising

2. Research 

3. ThinkTank & Project support

4. Education & Capacity building

With several years of research, we have a vast experience on innovations within a resource-constrained environment primarily located in emerging and developing markets.  Over efforts aim at both developers and customer of these innovations. Since 2015, we are conducting a large scale industry research project supported by the Swiss government. In this research project, we investigate Frugal Innovation per se and more specifically the Frugal Innovation Value Chain in cooperation with 8 internationally leading companies as well as a multinational strategy consultancy. During this project we developed a framework that serves as a best practice guide for firms throughout the entire value creation process of a Frugal Innovation – starting from the initiation going all the way to the service delivery in the target market.

Further, we have established an extensive case data base of Frugal Innovations across all sectors and global markets.  All cases are based on a combination of primary and secondary data. To be able to understand this new phenomena more in depth it is crucial to extend not just on the number of cases but also the amount of data points.

Therefore, this initiative will bring together interested experts from academia and industry to further extent our understanding of Frugal Innovation. We want to expand the knowledge base, build expertise, develop comprehensive frameworks, methodologies, investigate & share best practices and build a global network for changing the way we innovate today and in the future.

Field work  of ITEM-HSG and Hydrosolutions in Ethiopia (2017)