Frugal Innovation Network

Who we are

This initiative aims at bringing together interested experts from academia and industry to further extend our understanding of frugal innovation. We want to expand the knowledge base, build expertise, develop comprehensive frameworks, methodologies, investigate & share best practices and build a global network for changing the way we innovate today and in the future.

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How we define frugal innovation

Frugal innovations are generally characterized as products or services that precisely target middle- or low-income customers and their needs in emerging and developing markets. These products and services are specifically developed for these resource-constrained people in these markets. Frugal innovations are not re-engineered solutions but originally developed products or services for very specific applications in resource-constrained environments. As frugal innovations are based on a new product or service architecture, they are often quite disruptive, e.g. by making a stationary product portable, such an innovation is able to create an entirely new customer segment.