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Frugal innovators are an integrative part of our community, without them there would be no frugal innovation. We are happy to be able to have them in our community. Sed ultrices nisl velit, eu ornare est ullamcorper a. Nunc quis nibh magna. Proin risus erat, fringilla vel purus sit amet, mattis porta enim. Duis fermentum faucibus est, sed vehicula velit sodales vitae. Mauris mollis lobortis turpis, eget accumsan ante aliquam quis. Nam ullamcorper rhoncus sem vitae tempus. Curabitur ut tortor a orci fermentum ultricies. Mauris maximus velit commodo, varius ligula vel, consequat est.

Do you want to be a part of our growing community?

Are you interested in joining our frugal community and be able to be recognized as a frugal innovator in our community. Don't hesitate to contact: nils.moser@bgw-sg.com You can also reach out to us if the topic of frugal innovation caught your attention.
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